ARTICLE: This “Investigation 13” Trailer Will Prove You Shouldn’t Go Looking for The Mole Man.

There’s several reasons as to why I’m excited for Investigation 13 to hit. First, it’s about a team of parapsychologists investigating an abandoned prison that’s not done as found footage. I’m always a fan of this type of movie when it’s done as a narrative. Secondly, it looks like it’s going to introduce a cool new villain that actually has some credibility behind his ghastly legacy instead of “just an angry ghost or slasher.” Finally, some of the cast members include the incredibly talented star of Jake’s Road, Patrick Flanigan, as well as Meg Foster of Stepfather II and They Live. Gotta’ love that raspy voice and enthralling blue eyes.

Investigation 13 is written and directed by Krisstian de Lara with Rolando Vinas based on the original script from Clay Smith. Vinas also produced the feature along with Gorilla Studios. The full leading and supporting cast is comprised of Foster, Flanigan, Stephanie Hernandez, Peter Aratari, Giordan Diaz, William Alexander, Jesse Ramos and Brogan Farrell.

Synopsis: “A group of science students, investigating the paranormal, are gathering evidence in the hopes of petitioning the school board to launch the very first credited parapsychology course at their university. Their 13th investigation lands them in a defunct facility that used to house the criminally insane where they look into the urban legend of ‘The Mole Man,’ an ex-patient who is thought to still be living within its walls.”