About Us

Gorilla Studios is a facility dedicated to the production of quality low budget independent feature films. We also believe in working with local artists and nurturing a relationship with them in order to stay true to our model of producing low budget content to insure profitability. We have surrounded ourselves with passionate individuals who are helping to bring this studio to the forefront. The traditional Hollywood model is in flux and technology is changing the landscape of filmmaking as we know it. The time is now to leave our mark.

Rolando Viñas

Producer / Development Executive

Rolando has a background in screenwriting, with over 20 years of experience with the craft and 16 years of management experience with Regal Entertainment Group, one of the top theater exhibitors in the world. It’s that experience that has allowed Gorilla Studios to collect the solid content to fill the slate for the next five years. Rolando also teaches screenwriting at Miami Dade College’s School of Continuing Education.

Ofer Zosman

Executive Producer

Ofer comes with a background as a developer/contractor, licensed in security instruments and specializing in private placement. He’s been involved in film production since the early 80s and attended the University of Miami film program. His experience is well suited for building this studio and production company from the ground up, like the luxury mansions he used to construct and capital he used to acquire.